Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

Neural Networks (pretty complete for supervised learning) I will approximately do chapters 1 through 4 as the main part of the supervised learning lecture. Please also checkout the slides from my presentation.

Unsupervised Learning

Some competitive learning methods (quite complete for competitive learning) Competition will be the theme for the first half of the unsupervised learning lecture.

ICA Page (easy explaination if ICA and what it is about. It explains ICA, the new approach to unsupervised learning) It will form the second half of the unsupervised learning lecture

Please also checkout the slides from my presentation.

Further Links

For those that are interested in further details I am listing a number of online documents that I found quite useful:

Supervised Learning

Concepts of artificial neural networks (Somewhat Focused on Unsupervised Learning)

Up to the perceptron (Easily intelligible but only captures the start)

Tutorial for Backpropagation of Error Learning (An example implementation)

Unsupervised Learning

ICA tutorial (A great tutorial from one of those that worked with ICA earliest)

ICA toolbox (by scott makeig, a frequently used toolbox for performing ICA)

ICA page of Cardoso (by the inventor of ICA )

Slow feature analysis paper by Laurenz Wiskott (has pioneered the field of slow feature analysis or stability learning )

Homepage of Konrad Paul Koerding